As I travel throughout Tasmania and particularly in the wonderful electorate of Lyons, it's wonderful to talk with locals and businesses on the ground.

People are telling me Tasmania is heading in the right direction with the Hodgman Liberal Government delivering.  We know there's plenty more to do and we're working hard on Building Your Future.
Under our Plan, with a budget back in balance:

  • Employment in Tasmania is now the highest its ever been, with more than 11,000 new jobs created since 2014;
  • we've reduced elective hospital surgery waiting lists - now at record lows with 250 more nurses employed and 100 beds opened;
  • we've worked to ease cost of living pressures by capping electricity prices for households and small businesses;
  • it's easier to build a new home through our extension of the $20,000 first home builders grant;
  • we've begun implementing the TasWater reforms to give more Tasmanians access to better and cheaper water and sewerage services.

The Hodgman Liberal Government has a Plan to Build Your Future and we're now better placed than ever before.




Change for a brighter future.