Action on the cost of living

This State election is about who has the strongest team, and the best Plan, to take Tasmania to the Next Level.

The Hodgman Liberal Team has been particularly focused on the Cost of Living during week two of the election campaign.  We recognise that although our economy is strong and consumer and business confidence is high, cost of living pressures are a real issue for Tasmanians.

A re-elected majority Hodgman Liberal Government will continue to keep the cost of living down.  Under our plan, we will:

Importantly, there will be no new or increased taxes for Tasmanians under a re-elected majority Hodgman Liberal Government and we will make sure that the cost of government services will be kept, on average, at or below the rate of inflation over the next four years.

We want Tasmania to remain one of the most affordable places in the country to live, work and raise a family, especially for the elderly and those on low and fixed incomes.  This is all part of our positive new
Plan to Build Tasmania’s Future.

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Change for a brighter future.