Listening, Caring and Delivering for Lyons

Campaign 2024 is now officially underway!

Tasmania will head to the polls on 23 March, 2024.

Tasmanians deserve stability and certainty so we can take action on the issues affecting you, right now.

Since 2014 the Liberal Government has delivered for Tasmanians where it matters.  On our watch we’ve reached historically low unemployment with more than 50,000 new jobs created; we’ve delivered an additional 298 hospital beds and employed an extra 2500 health professionals including 1390 nurses; our energy prices are already among the lowest in the country, and our new Renewable Energy Dividend in driving bills lower; and we’re building a record number of new houses with 3000 delivered in the last four years.

All of this, and much more has been achieved while maintaining the lowest debt of all the states, and without introducing any new taxes.

But we know there is more to do.

That’s why we’ve developed a Strong Plan for Tasmania’s future to address these issues – our Tasmania 2030 Plan. It’s a Plan which is all about taking more action on the issues affecting us most right now, such as cost of living, health, and housing.

This election the choice is clear; a majority Liberal Government with a Strong Plan to take action or a Labor-Green-Independent-Lambie coalition of chaos.

Tasmanians deserve stability and certainty and the only way to ensure we deliver on this Plan, is to vote for a majority Rockliff Liberal Government.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank you for your support and for entrusting me to represent you in the fantastic electorate of Lyons. It is an honour and privilege, and with your help, we can secure a majority Liberal Government and continue to deliver on our Strong Plan.

As always, if you have any queries, please feel free to contact me or my office on 6701 2170.

I look forward to seeing you out and about!          

Best wishes,



Change for a brighter future.